When You Buy A Bow From Us Here At Clyde’s Archery,

We Will :

  • Make sure you get the right bow that fits your budget.
  • Make sure the bows draw fits your specific draw length.
  • Make sure the bows draw weight Is comfortable for you.
  • Make sure you get all the right accessories specific to your needs.
  • Install all accessories and make sure your bow Is tuned and ready to go.
  • Help you find the correct spined arrows that fit your draw weight and draw length.
  • Give you two free lessons where we will show you the proper way to shoot, at our indoor archery range, and teach you how to sight in your new bow.



Clyde’s Archery provides in-house serving for all your archery equipment: 


  • Fitting
  • Professional Tuning
  • Installation of “ALL” Bow Accessories
  • Re-Serving Strings & Cables
  • Replacing Strings & Cables
  • Limb Replacements
  • Cam Replacements


  •  Cut arrows to desired length.
  • Re-Fletch old arrows with feathers or vanes.
  • Custom build new arrows.
  • True broad heads to your new arrows.